Institute for Strategy is an independent international not-for-profit think tank of strategy experts exploring strategy in Asia and major Asian economies namely India, China and Japan. It is supported by practitioners and experts from leading universities across the world.

Asia is an exciting place and accounts for a significant and increasingly large share of the global economy, boastingthree of the ten biggest economies - China, Japan and India. It is the growth center of the current world economy, with two of the fastest emerging economies, China and India. More than sixty percent of the world’s population resides in Asia. There is an increasing number of Asian multinationals among the Global Fortune 500. The influence and impact of Asia in the world economy is significant.

Though on a growth trajectory, Asia is diverse and complex and faces numerous challenges. To accelerate growth and face the challenges requires substantial strategic thought, guidance and implementation; which is the primary reason for starting this think tank with a focus on practice.

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